New Lower Prices on IntelCenter Books June 10 2014

IntelCenter has signed with a new printer for the production of our counterterrorism books that has significantly lowered our printing costs. In order to make our books more accessible to a greater number of people we are passing on those cost savings to you with most titles reduced in price by $10-20 and in some cases by more than $200 off. IntelCenter's color guidebooks have seen the most significant drop in price.

The new deal is also allowing us to bring a series of new titles to you later this year, increased distribution to the stores you visit and the arrival of many of our titles to all the major eBook platforms.

In order to celebrate the new book pricing, you can take an extra 5% off books with coupon code NEWBOOK5 until 17 June.

You can take advantage of the new pricing and view our current titles by clicking here.