About Us

More than 20 years experience in counterterrorism intelligence work.

IntelCenter is a privately owned company established in 1989. It has been providing counterterrorism intelligence services for more than 20 years to the intelligence, military and law enforcement communities in the US and around the world. The sole focus of IntelCenter's work is all terrorist and rebel groups around the world from FARC in Colombia to the Maoists in Nepal to al-Qaeda and its affiliates. For IntelCenter the word terrorist represents an organizational structure as a non-nation state actor which is actively involved bombings, shootings, kidnappings, etc. IntelCenter does not track military forces, criminal organizations or political groups. IntelCenter's intelligence products on these groups are designed to support the analyst and operator community with current intelligence on what has just happened today and what is likely to happen tomorrow. Its mission is to provide those at work in the intelligence, law enforcement and military communities the information they need to further their mission whether it is raw data or finished analysis that can be incorporated into their own. IntelCenter acts as a force multiplier for current counterterrorism efforts.
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