IntelCenter TTP Videos Vol. 1 DVD: Hakimullah Mehsud: Glad Tidings to the Believers of the Destruction of the Infidels (English Subtitles)

$ 29.99 USD

Volume 1 contains an 8'41" video entitled "Glad Tidings to the Believers of the Destruction of the Infidels" from Tehrik-i-Taliban's (TTP) Umar Studio. The video was released on 2 May 2010 and has English subtitles. It features a video statement from TTP Emir Hakimullah Mehsud. He confirms he is alive and threatens that multiple attacks against major US cities will occur in days or a month. He said the video was recorded on 19 Apr., however, the video's subtitles state 4 Apr.. The only changes made to the video were those done to enhance the audio and video where possible. The DVD has a video index for use in briefings and training. It plays on any standard DVD player in any region. It is encoded for NTSC players and contains Dolby Digital 2.0 audio.
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