IntelCenter al-Shabaab Videos DVD V3: Message to the Ummah & Inspire the Believers (English & Swahili Subtitles)

$ 29.95 USD

Volume 3 contains a 35'40" video from al-Shabaab entitled "Message to the Ummah and Inspire the Believers". It was released on 23 Nov. 2010 by MYM's al-Kataib. It has English and Swahili subtitles and a production date of Nov. 2010. It features footage of physical training, firing drills, CQB, urban tactics, heavy weapons training, operational footage and a threat against Lars Viks. Fighters in Somalia from Britain, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Sudan, Sweden and Tanzania are shown. Speaking in the video are Abu Zubeyr, Abu Mu'adh, Musa, QaQa, Khalid as-Sudani, Ali Mohamud Rage, Abu Dujana, Abu Zaid, Abu Muthanna, Abu Ja'far and Mohammad (Tanzanian). The only changes made to the video were those done to enhance the audio and video where possible. The DVD has a video index for use in briefings and training. It plays on any standard DVD player in any region.
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