IntelCenter Jihadi Video Production Group Breakout by Afghan Province 44"x36" Wall Chart v1.0

$ 34.99 USD

This 44"x36" wall chart identifies which jihadi video production groups have put out material from each Afghan province. The provinces are colored by the number of video production groups observed to have released video material from that province. Khost and Nuristan Provinces have the highest volume of video production groups, with three groups releasing footage from each. Wardag, Paktia, Paktika and Zabul Provinces each had two video production groups releasing video. Helmand, Kabul, Nangarhar and Kunar Provinces each had one. Videos in wide circulation in 2008 and other relevant information was used for this chart. Locations identified by the group in a video were used, however, in some instances a specific location was not identified and other information was available to determine the location of the footage.

The wall chart has an adhesive backing that lets you attach it directly to a wall and then pull it off and reposition it when you want. It is made with a polypropylene based material that is water resistant and flexible with a matte surface finish.

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