IntelCenter Jihadi Threat to CONUS & Wanted American Jihadists Card v1.0

$ 2.99 USD

Size: double-sided pocket-sized 3x5 inches
Type: 30mil Teslin durable and flexible plastic card with rounded corners

The Jihadi Threat to CONUS & Wanted American Jihadists Card is a pocket-sized 3x5 inch durable plastic double-sided reference card that contains the primary logos and names of six different jihadi groups that pose a significant threat to CONUS along with the name and logo of their media arms. The card also has the faces of six Americans who have joined jihadi groups and are still active. The back of the card contains lists of common targets and tactics used by the groups as well as key things to remember. It also has the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chart for bomb threat stand-off distances. The card is designed to support the law enforcement, military and intelligence communities in the US along with other security professionals both in the field and at a desk.

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