IntelCenter Jihadi Support/Rejection of Islamic State (IS) Wall Chart v1.7 (Updated 25 Jul. 2016)

$ 29.99 USD

This 44"x36" wall chart shows jihadi groups around the world that have begun to shift from core al-Qaeda's orbit to the Islamic State (IS) following its dramatic gains in Iraq in Jun. 2014. Al-Qaeda Emir Ayman al-Zawahiri disavowed ISIL in Apr. 2014 which set the stage for groups to begin choosing sides. Blue lines represent groups that have come out in support or have pledged allegiance of IS, which until 29 Jun. 2014 was known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Red lines indicate groups that reject IS while orange lines represent groups whose rejection was implied. The chart shows the statements each group made regarding IS/ISIL along with a brief note explaining their reasoning. IS groups in Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan/Pakistan and Egypt are also shown. A timeline showing important milestones and statements is included at the bottom.

The wall chart has an adhesive backing that lets you attach it directly to a wall and then pull it off and reposition it when you want. It is made with a polypropylene based material that is water resistant and flexible with a matte surface finish.

Digital versions of this wall chart are available above by changing the format. JPG and ANB files for i2 Analyst Notebook are available. Digital versions are also available to subscribers of the IntelCenter Database (ICD).

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