IntelCenter Iraq Rebel Groups Breakout 44"x36" Wall Chart v1.2

$ 34.99 USD

This 44"x36" wall chart is designed to illustrate, to the greatest extent possible, the group structure of rebel activity in Iraq. Where possible, groups have been associated with their respective logos. Each group has been organized according to its affiliations with other rebel groups. Priority has been given to umbrella groups and their subgroups in terms of organization. Groups that appear to operate independently of umbrella groups or other organizations have been listed along the bottom of the chart, with independent groups on the right and Shi’a groups on the left. Media arms for a particular group are indicated by a maroon link. Groups that carry a high profile within an umbrella group are linked with a lime-colored line. Teal links demonstrate an organization that lends religious guidance to a rebel group. It is important to note that the one group on this wall chart that falls into this category -- the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq -- is not a rebel group, and is only a source of spiritual inspiration for the Jihad and Change Front. Blue links indicate that the two groups linked have carried out operations cooperatively.

The wall chart has an adhesive backing that lets you attach it directly to a wall and then pull it off and reposition it when you want. It is made with a polypropylene based material that is water resistant and flexible with a matte surface finish.

Electronic versions of IntelCenter Wall Charts, including the original i2 Analyst Notebook files, are available to IntelCenter Database (ICD) subscribers.

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