IntelCenter Ansar al-Sunna Videos DVD V1: The Blessed Conquest of Baladroz

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Volume 1 contains a 29'05" video from Ansar al-Sunna's Media Department entitled, "The Blessed Conquest of Baladroz". It was released on 10 Dec. 2006. The video shows preparations for and operational footage of an attack on Baladroz, Iraq, as well as Ansar al-Sunna leaders discussing the operation. Appearing on the video are Dayala Emir Abu Shahd al-Ghazzawi, Assault Squad religious leader Abu Anas, Ba'qubah military leader Abul-Abbas al-Qaysi, Assault Squad Commander Abu Ayah al-Kurdi and Confrontation Squad Commander Abu Hussain al-Dayini.

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