IntelCenter Guantanamo Detainee Re-Engagement Wall Chart v1.0

$ 44.99 USD

This 36" x 48" wall chart has a visual representation of information collected by the US DoD regarding Guantanamo detainees who have been confirmed or suspected of re-engaging in terrorist/rebel activities following their release. All individuals depicted on the chart are former detainees. Attacks conducted by detainees after their release are also included when possible. The chart also includes statistics on detainee citizenship and transfer locations as well as a map of locations where attacks either carried out or coordinated by released detainees have occurred.

The wall chart ships with 3M Command Strips for easy mounting on the wall. In addition to the standard hard copy version, a laminated version is also available for extra durability that can be marked up with dry erase markers.

Electronic versions of IntelCenter Wall Charts, including the original i2 Analyst Notebook files, are available to IntelCenter Database (ICD) subscribers.

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