IntelCenter al-Qaeda Videos DVD V020: American Incinerator in Khorasan Series: Set 1

$ 8.99 USD $ 29.95 USD

Volume 20 contains two videos from al-Qaeda's as-Sahab Media's series entitled "The American Incinerator in Khorasan Series". The series features operational video from Afghanistan. The first is an 8'18" video showing the surveillance, preparation and execution of a suicide bombing in Kabul, as well as martyr Amanallah al-Afghani's last will. Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah also gives a brief video statement. The second is a 5'44" video showing a roadside bombing against a US convoy in Kunar Province. The production date for both videos is Oct. 2005 (Ramadan 1426H).

The only changes made to the video were those done to enhance the audio and video where possible. The DVD has a video index for use in briefings and training. It plays on any standard DVD player in any region.

If you are looking for additional al-Qaeda videos, searchable, secure, streaming versions are available online in the IntelCenter Database (ICD). Click here for more details and a free 10-day trial.

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