IntelCenter al-Qaeda Videos DVD V010: War of the Oppressed: Part 2

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Volume 10 contains the 31 min. 2nd part of al-Qaeda's as-Sahab Media video "War of the Oppressed". It was released around the first week of Aug. 2005. It features footage of al-Qaeda ops against US forces in Afghanistan including the attack on a US Navy SEAL team and US MH-47 Chinooks on and around 28 Jun. 2005 [Operation Red Wings], a purported American base in Kunar Province, the roadside bombing of the security chief of Kunar Province and more. It is most commonly identified as showing the ID of US Navy SEAL Petty Officer 2nd Class Danny Dietz, who was killed on or around 28 Jun. 2005. An interview with al-Mujahid al-No'man, who is identified as one who participated in the fighting in Kunar Province is also included. The only changes made to the video were those done to enhance the audio and video where possible. The DVD has a video index for use in briefings and training. It plays on any standard DVD player in any region.

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