IntelCenter Islamic State (IS) Global Wilayats & Affiliates Wall Chart v1.0 (Updated 7 Feb. 2017)

$ 29.99 USD

This 44"x36" wall chart shows Islamic States (IS) Wilayats and affiliates around the world. Every country that has either an official IS Wilayat or an affiliate group is shown. Black lines are used to indicate active groups while purple lines are used for groups that pledged allegiance to IS but have little to no visible activity since their pledge. This may be because the group dissolved or was absorbed into an official IS Wilayat or affiliate group. Green lines are for official IS Wilayats that have little activity and may have been dissolved or absorbed by another Wilayat. Prominent Wilayat and affiliate emirs are shown.

The wall chart has an adhesive backing that lets you attach it directly to a wall and then pull it off and reposition it when you want. It is made with a polypropylene based material that is water resistant and flexible with a matte surface finish.

Digital versions of this wall chart are available above by changing the format. JPG and ANB files for i2 Analyst Notebook are available. Digital versions are also available to subscribers of the IntelCenter Database (ICD).

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